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Bridal Shower 
Planning Made Easy!

If you have a bridal shower to plan, get ready to become known as the hostess with the mostess!  We've got the ideas, advice and inspiration you need to plan an elegant bridal shower - easily!

EasyBridalShowers.com was created by professional party planning experts, so you are assured that the bridal shower advice and information you find here is top-notch. We've laid out every part of planning a bridal shower in a super-simplified way so it can be done in a cinch, with total ease - BUT we also show you how to do it with class and style!

Use this site to pull the whole event together fast and easy, while still planning a bridal shower that will leave a lasting and memorable impression on guests - and of course, on the bride to be!

With the bridal shower ideas and advice available here, you'll soon be thought of as the perfect hostess!  We've got bridal shower checklists and timelines, etiquette advice, menu and food suggestions, ideas for activities and games, not to mention decorations, themes, invitations and even gifts. If it's related to planning a bridal shower, it's here!

Hosting a bridal shower should be fun, so remember to relax and enjoy yourself along the way. But also keep in mind that the guest of honor is going to remember her bridal shower for the rest of her life, so you want it to be special (no pressure!). Remember, this site is here to help you do all with ease.

So, now that you're feeling psyched, let's plan that bridal shower!

Bridal Shower Ideas

Looking for bridal shower ideas? We've tons of ideas throughout this site to make your bridal shower impressive and memorable. Check out our ideas for bridal shower themes, décor, food, actvities and a whole lot more. We've got no shortage of bridal shower ideas!

Bridal Shower Food

Bridal Shower FoodWe've got bridal shower food ideas galore! Food and menu suggestions for a bridal shower tea, a bridal shower buffet, bridal shower punch recipes, a dessert bridal shower, or a bridal shower luncheon. Plus ideas and recipes for appetizers, dainties, and finger food as well as quick, easy (and very yummy!) dips, salads, and more. Get Bridal Shower Food ideas!

Bridal Shower Games

A bridal shower may include activities and games for entertainment (depending on the style of bridal shower you are planning) Bridal shower games can be a terrific way to help guests relax and enjoy themselves, and to get them mixing and mingling. Bridal shower games are sort of an icebreaker for guests. If you'd like to include one or more bridal shower games at the bridal shower you're planning, visit this section - we've got some really fun suggestions for bridal shower games

Bridal Shower InvitationBridal Shower Invitations

Bridal Shower Invitations set the tone for the shower. They provide the first glimpse guests will have for what is yet to come. We've got a ton of invitation ideas. Plus get a run down of bridal shower invitation etiquette: Who should receive an invitation, and who should not? How should you word the bridal shower invitaitons? Check out the different styles available, or if you're feeling crafty, see make your own homemade bridal shower invitations.

Shower FavorsBridal Shower Favors

Bridal shower favors are sweet little tokens given to all guests at a bridal shower as a show of appreciation for their attendance. Favors are a way of adding some extra style and attention to detail to a bridal shower. You don't have to give your guests favors, but they do help to put that perfect finishing touch on an elegant bridal shower. If you need some great bridal shower favor ideas for bridal shower favors, you'll find them here. There's truly something to suit everyone. Check out these awesome ideas for bridal shower favors.

Shower PlanningBridal Shower Planning

We cover all the basics for fast and easy Bridal Shower Planning - without sacrificing class and style! Where to hold the bridal shower, selecting the date, creating the guest list, planning the menu, checklists and timelines - and everything else you need to consider when planning a bridal shower. Go to Bridal Shower Planning

Bridal Shower Poems

Check out these amusing bridal shower poems that you are free to use. You can add bridal shower poems to bridal shower invitations or bridal shower favors, or incorporate them into decorations and more. Find a fun bridal shower poem!

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